October 26, 2011 @ 8:41 PM


Ah fresh air, birds chirping, and Walking Mr. Larry!

This time the conversation is about our weights. Walking Mr. Larry is wearing ankle and wrist weights. He explains, that the doctor advised him not to use them while walking, but of course Walking Mr. Larry doesn't listen. I'm using 1 lb hand weights which my doctor advised to build strong upper bones.

Now back to our conversation:

Cynthia: Hi Mr. Larry

Mr. Larry:  Hi Cynthia, I see you're using weights. They wouldn't work if you don't use them!

Cynthia: O.K. Mr. Larry, I'll start moving my arms.

As I left Walking Mr. Larry I began to moved my arms back and forth, up and down, above my head. And oh the PAIN.  It felt like  a ton of bricks. As I was taking an "arm rest break", the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "What Walking Mr. Larry said could also be applied to PRAYER, IT WOULDN'T WORK IF YOU DON'T USE IT". Wow your right Holy Spirit, PRAYER must be used for it to work! 

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Cynthia is partially agreeing with Walking Mr.Larry, It  (weights for Walking Mr. Larry and PRAYER for Cynthia) must be used to work. Wait, before you say that there are too many distractions in our lives that prevent  PRAYER, read what Andrew Murray wrote in his book , With Christ in the School of Prayer

"The place and power of prayer in the Christian life is too little understood. As long as we view prayer simply as the means of maintaining our own Christian lives, we will not fully understand what it is really supposed to be. But when we learn to regard it as the highest part of the work entrusted to us-the root and strength of all other work-we will see that there is nothing we need to study and practice more than the art of praying".  

Wow, Mr. Murray!!       (Click for other PRAYER books)         

So let's agree together to press through those ton of bricks-distractions- that prevent us from using PRAYER daily and effectively.

Just as I pressed through the pain of lifting my 1 lb weights and realized that Walking Mr. Larry's wisdom will help me to have strong upper bones, let us press through all distractions because PRAYER MUST BE USED FOR IT TO WORK .