January 31, 2013 @ 11:29 AM

It's 2013!!

And resolutions are being made. I was asked if I made any, no I said, just picking up from where I left off.

It's 2013!!!

And I'm reflecting on the faithfulness of the Lord. Provided for needs that were part of His needs. Wiped away tears that He wanted to wipe away. Removed those that He wanted removed. Chastised the way that He knew best.

It's 2013!!!

And I'm not going back, I'm moving forward. Nothing, nothing, nothing will stop me from moving closer to the Father. Not divorce, debt, lost of home, strained relationship, nor any emotional issues. Jesus did not turn back from the cross. His Father gave Him amazing strength. Just as He did for me in 2012 and I'm sure He did for you ...

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