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Church Usher:Servant of God

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1. The Ministry Of Ushering

2. The Usher's Importance In The Total Church Program
3. What Does An Usher Need To Know About The Church?
4. The Organization Of The Ushers
5. The Qualities Of A Good Usher
6. The Duties Of The Usher: Greeting And Seating
7. The Duties Of The Usher: Specialized Functions P. 58 


In the past, the role of church usher has often been underestimated by church leadership. But the ministry of ushering takes on new dignity in this practical and biblically based study prepared in consultation with ushers from small to large churches.

May be used as a self-improvement study for individuals or taught in a class setting. Head ushers will find it an excellent reference tool for the execution of their duties.  


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