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Choir robe construction
Special yoke construction for longer robe life:

Two layers of woven and non-woven inner linings provide an inner yoke that will make your robe hang and fit properly for years to come. 


Reinforced necklines that hold their shape:

An extra row of stitching is added to reinforce the neckline and eliminate lining roll-out. And, there's no unsightly visible stitching on the outside of the yoke.


Guaranteed yoke closures that won't rust or pull out:

The nickel-plated brass hooks and eyes that close our "V" necked yokes are riveted in place. Our front opening robes with standing collars feature a new yoke placket design with concealed snaps for greater coverage. Both closures are guaranteed not to rust or pull out.


Balanced machine fluting distributes fullness at a three to one ratio:

Our special machine fluting ensures a rich, even drape of fabric around the robe. The softly fluted pleats are backed with a washable polyester felting, custom made to our specifications.


Superior seams engineered for safety and strength:

Each seam in a Murphy robe has been specifically constructed to meet the challenges of its wear points.

  • Our armholes are deeply cut into the gown to reduce wear and avoid perspiration stains. Then they're lock-stitched and over edged to reinforce the durability of the underarm seam.
  • Our front panels and zipper seams are lock-stitched in place and won't pull out, plus each zipper is back-tacked at the ends for extra reinforcement.
  • Our sleeve and body seams are safety-stitched for maximum strength and the elasticity required for today's polyester fabrics. Unlike stiff rolled or bound seams, safety stitching lasts for years without creating uncomfortable bulk or additional wear on the fabric surface.


Lifetime guaranteed zippers provide trouble free service:

We selected only the finest quality nylon zippers to give you the utmost wear and durability. Every zipper is guaranteed not to break for the life of your robe, or we'll replace it - free!


Blind-stitching gives our extra deep hems a flawless appearance:

Our 3" dressmaker hems are blind-stitched with strong nylon mono filament threads, then back-tacked to prevent pullout. Unlike single needle hems, our blind-stitched hems are not highly visible on the outside of the robe.


Each robe is cut from more than six yards of fabric:

We use at least two full widths of fabric in each standard choir, pulpit, or academic robe body - even more on larger sizes. Plus, each sleeve is cut from a full width of fabric. What's more, there's no extra charge for larger sizes up to 72" chest. Regardless of size, your robe will drape beautifully. 


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